Chicco Natural Baby Face Cream (50ml)


About this item

  • Chicco Natural Sensation Face Cream is specially formulated to nourish a baby’s skin, keeping it moisturized 24h. The cream also aids protection to baby’s skin against external agents and skin reddening from contact
  • Chicco Face Cream is made with specialized ingredients that are found in Vernix Caseosa, a protective film that covers the inner layer of the fetus during the last trimester of pregnancy, proven to be a barrier that protects and nourishes a baby’s skin
  • Contains a combination of plant-based natural ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, glycerine, rice oil, and pro-vitamin B5 that supports the composition of Vernix Caseosa and maintains the baby’s Natural Moisturising Factor as it was in the mother’s womb
  • Non-Greasy and Light: The cream has a very light and pleasant texture that gets quickly absorbed into the skin
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