Chandan Haldi Soap


Product Description

Chandan Haldi soap cleans, tones, and nourishes your skin with its pure ayurvedic ingredients known to cure skin problems and give clear, flawless skin naturally. Specially formulated preparation with Chandan, Haldi, Glycerin, and Jojoba feels the skin so redient and soft. Those Ingredients are very well-known wonder herbs with a lot of medicinal value to improve skin. Haldi gives a glow to the skin apart from protecting against skin damage, redness, dark spots, and rashes. Chandan cleans pores soothes skin, controlled excess oils production, and gives smoother, brighter skin. while Jojoba and glycerin replenish the natural oil which your skin loses with every bath. Saarvasri Chandan Haldi soap ensures your skin's hydration, moisturization, and also a good mood enhancer so you are feeling better, and looking youthful.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Chandan powder, Haldi powder, jojoba oil.


Maintain moisture balance throughout the day.

Detoxifies and removes dirt from the skin.

With regular use, it protects from common skin problems like spots, rashes, pigmentation, etc.

Keeps skin naturally soft, supple, and gently perfumed.

HOW TO APPLY: Apply Chandan Haldi soap generously work up a lather, massage, and rinse it off.