CMD Plus


Product Description

It is 100% natural with no other ingredients added. It contains a full spectrum of all the minerals in a balance natural to the body. It is highly concentrated being 78 times more concentrated than seawater and contains over 84 ionically charged trace minerals. CMD is the perfect solution for replenishing your body with the nutrients you need to maintain optimum health.

Ingredients: Magnesium, Chloride, Sodium, Sulfate, Lithium, Boron


CMD activates the system of the body.

Helps in getting rid of damaged skin or skin that is in bad health.

It's very effective for allergies.

Keeps heart healthy and healthy skin.

Its very effective in diabetic conditions.

Helps in hypertension, osteoporosis, and stroke.

Direction of Use: Take 10 drops with a half cup of lukewarm water twice daily on an empty stomach.