Karela Jamun Juice


Product Description

Considering the nutritional components both in Karela and Jamun, they are widely used in Ayurveda. Karela (Bitter Gourd) is known for its many benefits such as achieving glowing skin & is considered a plant insulin because of its ability to regulate blood sugar. Jamun (Indian Berry) on the other hand, has the ability to boost the healing process and it helps to control multiple diseases such as diabetes.


1. Helps in high blood sugar.

2. Stimulates the liver to secrete digestive enzymes.

3. Works as an appetizer.

4. Helps remove intestinal tract worms.

5. Purifies blood and fights infections.

6. Very effective in skin diseases.

7. Helps to reduce acne and pimples on the face.

8. Helps in edema.

9. Boosts your immune system.

10. Helps in weight loss.

How to use: Take 10-15 ml twice daily before meal, mix with half a glass of lukewarm water.