KDN Care Capsule


Product Description

Saarvasri Herbs KDN Care capsule is very effective as it is sourced from the highest quality herbs and is concentrated by 100% natural process. These are formulated using natural extracts of various medicinal plants and are highly admired for their side effect-free feature.

Ingredients: Punarnava, Pashanbhed, Gokhru, Palash, Jeera, Varun, Kultha, Sandevi, Arka, Lajjalu, Manjishtha, Apamarg, Nagarmotha, Hajrul Mahood Bhasma, Chandraprabha Vati, Shwet Parpati.


It supports healthy urinary function, and kidney function and helps maintain a normal balance of fluids in the body.

It limits the workload on the kidney as it helps to remove harmful toxins from the body.

Reduces Kidney stones.

Also helps in reducing the chances of reformation of kidney stones.

It breaks down stones in the bladder and helps in removing stones from body through urine.

It promotes the flow of urine.

It inhibits the formation of phosphate & calcium precipitates.

It is helpful in severe pain in the kidney & urethra.

It cures all types of urinary tract infections and other urinary problems.

It relieves inflammation of the urethra.

It detoxifies and purifies the blood.

It rejuvenates the cells.

It improves appetite and anemia through better nutrient assimilation.

It prevents infection in the kidney.

It is used in Benign Prostate Hyperplasia.

It prevents prostate cancer.

Direction for use: 1 to 2 capsules twice a day or as directed by the Experts.