Saarcoal Shampoo (Activated Charcoal)


Product Description

We all want bouncy, voluminous hair, When you use activated charcoal, you can quickly revive lifeless, thin, and dull hair, giving it the volume and bounce it deserves. The activated charcoal works to deeply cleanse your strands, effectively removing impurities so your hair feels instantly lighter. Activated charcoal cleanses the impurities, gets rid of the sebum, and lets your hair breathe. That means pores are left clean, detoxified, and ready to enhance the growth of your hair.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Activated charcoal & aloevera extract.


 Removes excess sebum from the scalp

Removes Dandruff

Promotes hair growth

Makes hair bouncy, shiny & strong.

heal scalp infection/irritation.

HOW TO APPLY: Squeeze out a handful of Saarcoal shampoo. Massage into your hair until nice and lathered up. Rinse well and repeat, if you feel like it. Use SHPL hair conditioner for a better finish.